PETS & SETS 2020-21: A Journey to Success

COVID-19 Vs PETS & SETS of Rotary District 3070

Outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 is unprecedented and unimaginable. Planning of PETS & SETS was in full swing. The plan was to hold Three PETS & SETS (zone wise) , to be hosted by three different clubs at three different locations on three different dates. Thanks to all three PETS Chairs Rtn. Adeep Singh Mehta (RC Jammu City), Rtn. Hardesh Sharma (RC Amritsar Aastha) and Rtn. Kulwant Singh Saggu (RC Goraya Midtown). Enthusiasm of Presidents & Secretaries Elect and host club rotarians,was at its peak. A large number of delegates were registered online breaking all previous records. But situations had changed due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Rotary District 3070 Headquarter Team had timely sensed the situation. On 16th March , it was decided to postpone all three events.

ePETS & SETS 2020-21 : Rotary Opens a new Opportunity

Truly said , "When the going gets tough , the tough get going".

Rotary International President Elect Holger Knaack (Germany) encouraged all District Governors Elect to turn this unprecedented challenge into a unique opportunity to connect. He urged to use this lock down period into learning,training, connecting and engaging club leaders . Holger's idea was shared with District Trainers (2020-21) PP Dr Hardas Singh (RC Amritsar), PDG Surendra Seth (RC Jalandhar) and PDG Parvinderjit Singh (RC Jalandhar Central) .

The First Ever ePETS & SETS through video conferencing

The stage was all set and District Trainers PP Dr Hardas Singh, PDG Surendra Seth and PDG Parvinderjit Singh have decided to hold series of virtual meetings through video conferencing. Six back to back meetings were planned and successfully executed in a span of 12 days.

Monday, 30th March,1 pm :

Rotary International Director Kamal Sanghavi (RC Dhanbad ,D3250) had a dialogue with all Assistant Governors, Zonal Chairs, District Secretaries and District headquarter team.

Monday, 4th April,11:30 am :

Club Presidents & Secretaries elect from Gurdaspur, J&K and Himachal Pradesh zones were invited. PDG Dr Bina Misra

(RC Patahnkot Midtown) was the PETS counselor.

Monday, 4th April, 02:30 pm :

Club Presidents & Secretaries elect from Amritsar, Jalandhar and Kapurthala zones attended . PDG Arun Kapur (RC Amritsar Midtown) was the PETS counselor.

Tuesday, 5th April, 11:30 am :

Club Presidents & Secretaries elect from Hoshiarpur, Ludhiana and Phagwara zones attended . PDG SP Sethi (RC Phagwara South East) was the PETS counselor.

Friday, 10th April, 11:30 am :

Rotary Foundation Trustee PDG Gulam Vahanvaty (RC Bombay ,D 3141) had a dialogue with all club Presidents elect , Secretaries elect , Assistant Governors, Zonal Chairs of the entire district, District Secretaries and District headquarter team. What an experience it was ! A record number of 238 delegates across 83 rotary clubs attended and experienced this virtual meeting. The meeting lasted for 3 hours.

Saturday, 11th April,5:30 pm :

Both Rotary International Directors Dr Bharat Pandya (RC Borivili,D3141) and Kamal Sanghavi (RC Dhanbad ,D3250) addressed more than 1100 rotarians across South Asia and share Rotary Vision 2020-21 . The meeting was convened by Rotary South Asia office.

PETs Learnings : "Success Mantra" for Presidents

Four "P"s

Plan Purposefully, Prepare Prayerfully, Proceed Positively and Pursue Persistently.

Next Year shall be remembered as :

A year of Responsibilities

A year of Opportunities

A year of Challenges

A year of Innovations

Achieve R.I.Citation 2020-21 : Goals Setting in My Rotary account

Update names of club officers in My Rotary account.

To achieve the RI citation:

• Go to Rotary Club Central

• Review the 25 available goals

• Select at least 13 goals (or more than 50% of the available goals)

• Achieve those goals

• Report achievement in Rotary Club Central

Once you are in Rotary Club Central, navigate to the Goal Center, select the year, and click on the All tab to see the goals.

Club Presidents & Secretaries shall be awarded 500 awards points for District Awards 2020-21 for setting goals before 31 May 2020.

Learning is Fun also

#photochallenge #PetsSets202021 #RotaryDistrict3070

Congratulations to all rotarians who accepted photo challenge during PETS & SETS 2020-21. Fifty awards points has been credited to each of the 238 attendees.

In the End

While the whole world was struggling with COVID-19 pandemic, Rotarians shall be remembered for helping persons in every possible manner by keeping themselves safe . We , Rotarians "The People of Actions" are at its very best.

During PETS & SETS 2020-21 , We, all rotarians have successfully learned so many new things including new technology of video conferencing.

A heartfelt thanks to all the speakers RID Dr Bharat Pandya , RID Kamal Sanghavi, TRF Trustee Gulam Vahanvaty (RC Bombay ,D 3141), District Governor Sunil Nagpal (RC Palampur) , District Governor Elect CA. Davinder Singh (RC Amritsar) , District Trainer PDG Surendra Seth (RC Jalandhar), DISC PDG Mohan singh Sachdeva (RC Jalandhar), DPIC PDG Dr SPS Grover (RC Jalandhar West) , DMCC PDG Upkar Singh Sethi (RC Amritsar South) , District Trainer PDG Parvinderjit Singh (RC Jalandhar Central), DRFC PDG Barjesh Singhal (RC jalandhar) , District Governor Nominee Dr. US Ghai (RC Jalandhar City) for imparting meaningful training to the attendees on various subjects during these 12 days.